Moon River Beers
3.9/5 rating (113 votes)

Swamp Fox (India Pale Ale)

Like its namesake, this ale is known for the sneak attack. Hop-heads will enjoy its assertive bitterness and huge floral & citrus, dry hop aroma.
  • Alcohol Content: 7.0 ABV
3.9/5 rating (77 votes)

Captain's Porter (American Sweet Stout)

Close your eyes, take a sip and think dark chocolate. Case in point: all dark beers don't have to be dark and bitter. Don't be afraid of the dark!
  • Alcohol Content: 5.3 ABV
3.8/5 rating (57 votes)

Apparition Ale (English Pale Ale)

This English pale ale features ingredients imported from the U.K. This beer is driven by malt flavors of caramel and toast, earthy and herbal hop aroma, along with a fruity English ale yeast character.
  • Alcohol Content: 4.8 ABV
2.9/5 rating (32 votes)

Belly-washer (English Golden Ale)

This easy drinking Golden Ale is brewed with malts from England, hops from the U.S. and fermented with our English yeast strain. At the end of the day Moon River’s Belly-washer is like any good mutt: difficult to describe, but loveable and fun to hang out with.

  • Alcohol Content: 5.1 ABV
3.9/5 rating (13 votes)

Boo-Hag (American Black Ale )

The Gullah people of coastal South Carolina and Georgia tell tales of Boo Hags haunting the Lowcountry in search of suitable hosts to ride. Feeding off the exhalations of its prey, she induces a state of dream-filled paralysis leaving its victims alive, but drained of vitality.

But don't let all that spooky talk worry you. The shadowy pallor and hop intensity of Moon River Brewing's Boo Hag Black Ale may just take your breath away, but we're willing to bet you'll be up for another pint.

5.0/5 rating (2 votes)

Depravity or Divinity (Abbey-style Dubbel)

Belgian monks have been brewing and drinking beer for millennia. German monks near Munich sometimes subsisted solely on beer during Lent. American brewed Abbey Style beers have assumed a decidedly religious connotation. Depravity or Divinity is malt forward, with hints of raisin and plum intertwined with fruity yeast esters. It is brewed with an ample amount of imported Belgian beet sugar, German Pilsner malt, and Czech Saaz hops. Will one bring you closer to Depravity or Divinity?

  • Alcohol Content: 8.25 ABV
3.0/5 rating (11 votes)

Nick's Balls of Gold (English Strong Ale)

Ho Ho Ho! Saint Nicholas, hailing from the area that is now Turkey, was the Bishop of Myra, and eventually came to be regarded as a patron Saint. His generous reputation spawned various tales that, over the centuries, morphed into the Americanized Santa Claus character we all know and love. Nicholas is symbolized in the lore of Saints by the gifts he bestowed, as three golden spheres. This year, Nick's Balls of Gold returns as an English Strong Ale. Nick's rich caramel sweetness, fruity esters and bready malt flavors balance nicely with a touch of hop and roasty bitterness. It's a complex sipper, with smooth medium body and 8% ABV.

3.7/5 rating (47 votes)

Slo-vannah (American Pale Ale)

Slow-vannah is an American pale ale with a medium to full body and pallete, an apparent caramel malt flavor, a low to moderate hop bitterness, though a pronounced fruity, juicy American hop aroma/ flavor. We "dry-hopped" the Slow-vannah to achieve that cask-conditioned hop profile so adored by fans of our Swamp Fox India pale ale, a stronger cousin of American pale ales.
  • Alcohol Content: 4.0 ABV
4.0/5 rating (17 votes)

The Bomb (Dry Irish Stout)

Moon River Brewing brews this smooth black ale in the tradition of Irish-style dry stout. In describing this style we often use terms that are seemingly contradictory. The Bomb's hue is as dark as a tomb, though it is exceptionally light in body.

We employ roasted barley to yield a bold, coffee-like richness, yet the Bomb finishes tangy and bright on the palette. Finally, despite its inky black color and intensity of flavor, it is one of our lowest in alcohol at 3.2 ABV.
  • Alcohol Content: 3.2 ABV

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